As soon as I got home from judging the West Coast Regional Air Guitar contest I drunkenly wrote a list of moves I’d like to master. Please note the “toe touk”

A few days ago I decided I’d start some sort of excersize regime to work toward being a total badass. I’ve been thinking a lot (A LOT) about what sort of moves I want to encorporate into my air guitaring and a few things are very clear- I need to work on my flexibility, core strength, and my upper legs (I’m forgetting the fancy muscle names right now) Quads? See, proof I have no idea what I’m doing really. But I did decide I’d start with doing some daily planks and squats. I hate squats (don’t get me started on lunges) I don’t do them in life let alone voluntarily for fun! I’m a bend over if at all possible kinda gal. But two days ago I made a list of workout videos and I decided I would start with squats to prove how dedicated I am to get my literal ass in shape. So I squatted. Over and over. If I actually had followed along with the video I would have done 100 squats. But i realistically did about 70-80.

Now. I can’t. Move.

It’s been two days. Two days and I’m still hobbling around like a grandma. I can’t even plank because it works out my quads (?) too and I don’t want to make it worse. I’m pretty sure I need some time to heal. I really wanted to hit the ground running but I guess I gotta be patient. I’m not very good at that. Ugh. Maybe I have some weights kicking around in the basement. Might have to do arm workouts by necessity to give my legs a break.


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