Enough With the Raffi. Bring on the SLAYER.

For years, I was listening to a LOT of metal. A LOT. But something about having a kid made me turn down the King Diamond and turn up the Paul Simon. After having my son, three years ago, I started listening to metal only when I was alone as a private release sort of a thing. Like blasting Metallica on the drive to work. But lets be real and say that most moms don’t get shit for private time. A few minutes here and there or maybe once a week. SO, I’m just gonna admit this… it’s really hard to say….. I’ve gotten out of the metal habit.

I used to be able to play heavy metal name that tune like a spelling bee champ! I was up on the new AND the deep cuts. I used to spend so much time going down the rabbit hole of discovering early heavy rock bands from the sixties and seventies but now….. not so much. I’ve gotten soft.

That’s yet another reason why this ridiculous air guitar training is exactly what I need right now. It’s giving me a reason to set down the Raffi and pick up the SLAYER. Part of my training is going to be listening to metal again, watch live metal videos, go to shows, and obsessively watch guitar players shred some shit. I’m so pumped. I just sat at the computer after I put my son to sleep and watched two hours of old Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saxon, and Candlemass. I feel so refreshed!

I even made a Youtube channel with a sweet metal mix! Check it out. The link is at the top of the page.

Now I’ve got to go stretch, plank, and do some squats in the name of air guitar.



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