So How Does One Train to Be an Air Guitar Champion?

Here’s What I’m Doing.

At this point, I have no idea what other folks do to train. All I know is that I have really lofty goals of what I’d like to be able to do and the drive to start somewhere. So I’ve started with the obvious- if I want to do a split, I need to stretch. If I want to do some badass jumps- I need some core and leg power.

I’ve reached out to air guitarists Kara Picante (who organized the West coast regional competition) and the current West Coast champion, The Marquis to meet up with them and see if they’ll share how they get ready for competitions. They both are getting ready to compete in DC in a few weeks so it will be fun to check in and see what they’re up to.

But here’s the plan so far

Sunday- Getting in some actual air guitaring through the day while chasing around a 3 year old.

Monday- It’s Metal Monday! I spend about 3 hours listening to new and old favorites to help hone in on what style of air guitar I want to do.

Tuesday- Contortion Class! 1.5 hours on intense cardio, stretching and strength building to help me achieve some killer air guitar moves.

Wednesday- Yoga at work! They have a free hour long yoga class on Wednesdays so I’m gonna start that next week to try and work on my flexibility and strength. I’m really out of shape, ya’ll.

Thursday- Yoga at the gym! I have a membership and there’s childcare. Boom! Stretch me oooooout!

Friday- Research day! Watch videos of guitar guitarists for inspiration and look at what other air guitarists are doing. I really don’t want to do something that’s already been done so watching other folks helps me figure out what I like and what I don’t like.

Saturday- One on one training with the badass lean machine, Meghan Mayhem! She’s gonna help whip me into shape with a custom regimen of workouts to help me work towards the moves I want to master for performances. At this point it’s mostly core, stretching and strength building.

What’s really rad and super heartwarming for me is how many friends have offered to help me get where I want to go. No sooner had I told Meghan Mayhem about my AG dreams was she like, “Can I train you?” And she got SUPER excited about it! As excited as I was/am and that’s rrrreally excited!

Then I posted that video of me drunkenly babbling on after the West Coast regionals on Youtube and my friend Eric Eisenhauer (extreme sweetheart and guitarist of the amazing PDX metal band Weresquatch) somehow saw it and commented, “Can I have the honor of being your “real/Air geetar player” coach/trainer on your journey to becoming the SUPREME MASTER WIZARD SORCERESS WORLD AIR GUITAR CHAMPION OF THE WORLD???”


AND my good friend Darcy Sharpe is going to be documenting my whole ridiculous process over the next year to make a short film!

Dream team! I’m feeling super lucky and super ready to make this magic happen.




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