Muh Muh Muh Metal Monday!

This is what I’m having fun air guitaring to today. It’s not quite metal but I love Fu Manchu. The guitar parts are so fun on this track. Lots of slides, stops, and *wowha wowha* (makes high pitch noise with mouth) It’s interesting to start listening to songs with a different sort of ear now. I’m definitely listening for the guitar solos and visualizing how it would work for performing. It’s sort of like when you play an instrument you can easily pick it out of a song- your ear just automatically isolates it. I guess it’s the air guitar equivalent of that. I’d insert a crying/laughing emoticon here if I could.

I know it sounds silly. But it’s just how my brain has started working. I’m thinking about air guitar all the time. I went to bed last night debating the color of my air guitar costume as I fell asleep and opened my eyes and immediately was like, “how am I going to get in an hour of stretching today so I can do that god damn split?” When I get into something- I get INTO it. My brain has a hard time balancing all the other shit I already have going on. I’ve got two weddings to officiate this month, I’m the lead decorator for a burlesque convention coming up, I’m in a play at the end of the month, I’ve got shows I’m MCing soon, I’m on the board of directors for our community playspace, I have a job, a marriage and a three year old kid. My brain is a busy place. So everything has had to shift around to make room for air guitar and it’s a constant battle to not let it dominate all of my mental energy.

That said- I can’t think of a more perfect addition to the mix.


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