Solar Eclipses and Surprise Cream Filling

I’ve got to admit my laser tight focus on air guitar has been feeling a little hazy lately. I’ll blame it on the eclipse. As a matter of fact, for the next 9 months I’m just gonna go ahead and blame everything on the eclipse. Cause it seems like the perfect cosmic scapegoat. What’s the eclipse gonna do about it? Nuthin. Take that Eclipse. It’s your fault my laundry pile just keeps growing and I just keep on staring at it. Eclipse, why did you have to spend so much money this month on shit you don’t need? Fool. Silly, Eclipse. I’m on to you.

Truthfully, I just think my brain has just been so consumed with AG that I needed a bit of a break to regroup. Going to the Nationals in DC really made me have to rethink a lot of my ideas on my approach. And I was so legitimately bummed at the bullshit garbage that came out of some of the female judges’ mouths that it really did take some wind out of my sails. Also, fuck your lateral oppressive bullshit, ladies. Ugh. Still makes me spicy.

I just had my 6th contortion class where I’ve been working on stretching my body out to get some of my dream moves. And yesterday while I was laying on the floor, yanking on a strap to try and get my leg up to my ear- I felt like a badass. I was impressed with myself. I was getting better and stronger. I’m not very good at working on things I’m not good at. I have a track record of just giving up. It was in this satisfied moment that I really felt a renewed sense of, “I could do this!” Maybe I won’t be able to get my ankle to touch my ear but I’m at least working at it and air guitar isn’t about gymnastics, it’s about rocking out and I can do that! The splits are just the surprise cream filling.

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