Who is This Vera Person?

Before hosting a metal burlesque show. I don’t always look this untamed.

My name is Vera Mysteria and I’m a 35 year old working gal with a rad tiny human named Caspian and a husband named Zack. Five months ago I was a gestational surrogate and birthed some twins! I’ve done a lot of really random and occasionally bizarre things in my life. I’ve been a union cement mason, a burlesque performer and producer, Portland’s only female strip club DJ, sang in a ten piece disco band and now, as of last month, I have decided that I want to be an air guitar champion. Do I play the guitar? Nope. Am I totally serious? You betcha.

Over the next 11 or so months I’ll be updating ya’ll on my process of becoming an invisible shred master in time for the next regional qualifiers for the 2018 US Air Guitar Championships. I’ll be posting about my new workout regime to get me in ultimate air guitar shape, developing my AG stage persona, costumes, learning tricks, posting videos of chats with fellow competitive air guitar folks, and more!

I’m super, ridiculously excited about this whole thing. So ride along with me on the highway to hell and high water to make my air guitar wet dreams a reality!